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We will build your fireplace on a foundation and to a chimney provided by your local builder.

The Tulikivi catalog provides information and illustrations for planning your fireplace.Wood Masonry can provide detail drawings for your builder and mason to prepare your foundation and chimney.

We can provide drawings specific to your fireplace construction for an hourly fee.

We will travel to your site, home or office to discuss your project. An hourly fee will be billed for consultation and travel time.


Download Installation Instructions (PDF - 1.8 mb)




Since these units weigh from one to many tons, they will require a reinforced footing and foundation - like any other masonry fireplace.


Building a chimney that is entirely outside the house will seriously degrade the draft.

Condensation and heat loss will occur. Locate the chimney so that it is inside the house and exits high up the roof pitch.


Since radiant heat is produced in waves and travels out from the surfaces of the stone - the fireplace should be centrally located for optimum performance. (Read more about radiant heat in On Radiant Heat from Tulikivi and in the Quotes on Fire sections)


The warm soapstone is a tactile delight. So plan in some benches, whether built into the unit or of some other material. Benches are a traditional and welcome feature. When the Tulikivi is warm it’s magnetic to the human body.

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While not essential, it’s also a good idea to build in some wood storage that’s integrated into the hearth area. Some of our photos illustrate various versions of this.


Your Tulikivi needs to maintain clearances on the sides and back to combustible materials, including walls. These are specific to each model and are charted in the Tulikivi catalog. These clearances can be reduced by building walls out of non combustible materials. In certain cases, clearances can be reduced by the construction of a UL listed heat shield.

Your Tulkivi needs a non combustible hearth (tile floor) that extends at least 18 inches in front of each firebox door.

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